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Lying In A Field Covered In Dirt And Leaves, She Is Barely Responsive And Unable To Cry For Help!

Barely a day old she is found in a field, covered in dirt and leaves she is barely responsive having been left behind by Mom.

A tiny kitten is found in a field along with her two siblings by a kind-hearted family living nearby. Unlike her siblings she is covered in leaves and barely responsive, Mom had abandoned all three.

The family rescued all three babies and managed to save the kitten in most need of care. However, they could see she would require specialized treatment so they got in touch with Jin’s Bottle Babies, a rescue group in Phoenix, Arizona

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Jin’s Bottle Babies

Shelbi Uyehara, founder of the rescue began taking care of the defenseless kitten. For her it was love at first sight, she placed the little kitten in an incubator to help regulate her body temperature, and gave her the name Ramona.

“She is 2 days old and super cute. We’ll be watching her closely to make sure her umbilical doesn’t get infected, but other than that appears to be in good shape,” said Shelbi.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Jin’s Bottle Babies

Meanwhile, Ramona’s rescuers were taking care of her siblings which Shelbi hoped to find space for when two kittens were ready to be adopted.

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“For now, I’m going to enjoy helping this little one grow,” she said.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Jin’s Bottle Babies

Ramona quickly began putting on weight, all due to Shelbi’s loving care and attention.

And soon her eyes were beginning to open.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Jin’s Bottle Babies

And as you would expect she quickly began to be much more active.

As well as being much more vocal!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Jin’s Bottle Babies

The more Shelbi looked at Ramona the more she fell in love. She was beginning to think that the little fighter might just well be her second black cat.

“She kneads everything all of the time. She kneads when she eats. She kneads when she sleeps. She kneads the air when you pick her up. She is probably kneading something and purring right now.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Jin’s Bottle Babies

Soon her little ears were losing their floppy appeal and starting to perk up. Around this time Shelbi thought it might be a good idea to introduce Ramona to new some friends.

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