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She Heard A Strange Sound While Walking Along Beach Then Saw A Couple Holding A Squirming Bag Under The Waters Surface. An Update.

It was the tiny meows of distress that let neighbors around Higgins Lake know that was bad was happening.

Stacy Dexter-Priebe said that one of her neighbors knocked on her door upset that there was someone down at the lake trying to drown kittens.

People out and about enjoying the summer sun also heard the crying kittens and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a couple submerging a back full of kittens beneath the lake’s surface.

Out for a walk was Pam Delhanty, she immediately sprang into action and was able to wrest the bag away from the couple, opening the bag she saw six little kittens.

“the world’s tiniest kitten – now dead”by allison_dc is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Stacy Dexter-Priebe and Pam are neighbors. Once the kittens were taken from the couple they were revived by Pam and a group of onlookers they were then taken to Stacy’s home.

Stacy says that Pam “is a hero.” That is exactly what she is when she saw what was happening her mother’s instincts took over, then she did what she had to do to save those defenseless kittens. Click here for the original story.

Pam’s son James is not surprised about what his mom did. “She has the biggest heart in the world. She saved them, they’re here because of that.”

Dexter-Priebe has taken the kittens, both her and James say they are angry about what happened.

“I am beyond frustrated, words cannot describe my anger,” said Dexter-Priebe. “To think that somebody could be so evil and do such a thing.”

The Roscommon County Prosecutor’s Office said they are still reviewing the case for possible criminal charges.

Dexter-Priebe said that despite all the kittens have been through, “They do seem to be healthy kittens, they’re not scrawny. It’s kind of a blessing in a way because these six kittens will have loving homes to go to.”

This cat went out for the day and came back bringing its owner the sweetest gift.

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