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Underfed And Underweight She Was Fighting A Losing Battle To Keep Her Kittens Alive

She was found along with her kittens living on the streets, underweight and low on milk she had been doing her best to keep them safe.

An orange and white tabby Mother cat had been found along with her kittens living on the streets in Austin, Texas. Underweight herself, she had been doing her best to keep her kittens safe in an unsafe environment.

However, low on milk, her kittens were losing weight at a rapid rate, so the whole family was brought into Austin Animal Center for immediate care and attention.

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Foster parents and twin sisters Mélia and Karine, both put up their hands to take the young family in, providing Mom and her kittens a quiet room, along with lots of love care and attention in the hopes of earning her trust.

“When she first came she was terrified and underweight. We were really concerned about the health of her babies,” said both sisters. “We kept them alive by supplementing them around the clock.”

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“Mama was also curious about the world outside the foster room, but she was too scared to come out yet.”

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Scared and alone she found him outside crying for his Mom.

Guests hear her cries for help, but all attempts at rescue fail!

Her first few days in foster care involved the very protective Mom, moving her kittens around the room trying to find the safest place to hide them. Fear that they might come to harm meant she wouldn’t let her young family our of her sight.

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She was continuously picking them up one at a time and bringing them back to the nest.

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