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They All Found New Homes, Not Her! Called Cruel Names Because Of How She Looked, No One Wanted Her

In her short life she has been called many things, “ugly,” what the hell is it,” gross,” etc.

The sort of cruel things people say when they see something out of the norm, something different. What she really needed, however, was just to be loved.

People also wondered if she was badly burned in a fire, or even if she had mange!

Possum the Lykoi (Instagram)

Possum, as she was to be called, was born to a feral cat, Stephanie, who was to become Possums Mom, had a co-worker who was doing her best to take care of the Mom and her new litter in her back yard in Central, North Carolina.

All the kittens were normal and healthy except for one who was clearly the runt of the litter. Where the others were all Calico, she was grey, where the others were covered in fur, she was almost completely bald.

Possum the Lykoi (Instagram)

Stephanie’s co-worker managed to find good loving homes for all of Possums brothers and sisters, but no one seemed to want Possum!

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So she decided it would be best to take her to the local shelter.

Photo Courtesy of S. Balacco

Not good news for Possum as this shelter happened to have a high kill rate!

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