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She Found Two Abandoned Kittens In A Cave! In A Bad Way, She Wanted To At Least Give Them A Fighting Chance

She had found them somehow abandoned, however after taking them home she was to soon learn theses are not your usual kittens.

As reported by local press, Florencia Lobos, Santa Rosa de Leales, Argentina, found two abandoned kittens in a cave near a river she was fishing in.

The 18-year-old and her brother decided to bring the two kittens, both in a bad way, home to at least give them a fighting chance at survival.

Photo Courtesy of CEN

Florencia gave them the names Dani and Tito, unfortunately, Dani soon passed away, however, Tito bounced back and rapidly improved under Florencia’s care.

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Being a typical kitten Tito was very active, loving to run and jump about playing. It was during one these highly active sessions he injured his leg and Florencia took him to the vet.

Photo Courtesy of CEN

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