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She Found Her Baby Kitten On The Side Of The Road, Sitting In A Cup Of Milk

Valia has rescued many homeless animals.

Valia is a caring lady and animal lover, she has already cared for and fostered many homeless dogs. Rescuing animals is an instinct to Valia, she knows these poor creatures need help and does her best to give them what they need.

Valia tried not to get too attached to him, but it was difficult as he was such a loving kitten and she felt he was really special. The only thing left to do was to see how he got along with the rest of the family. The dogs ignored him and the other cats hated him, she could see that he was lonely and her love wasn’t enough for him.

What was she to do?

You can watch the full video here below:

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A paralyzed kitten is given the chance to run.

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