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She Found Her Baby Kitten On The Side Of The Road, Sitting In A Cup Of Milk

She found him one afternoon, sitting on the side of the road in a cup of milk next to a cardboard box. She couldn’t just leave him there.

She was out doing errands one day when Valia came across a tiny baby kitten sitting in a cup of milk on the side of the road. It was a hot summers day in Greece, she knew she couldn’t just leave him there, so she picked him up, putting him in a cardboard box.

He remained in the backseat of her car for the remainder of the day, while Valia completed her errands. Then she took the tiny feline home to meet the rest of her family.

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Five dogs and two cats greeted the new house guest, soon he was eating on his own, finding his feet as he began to explore his new home.

The question was would her furry family accept this lonely kitten into their home?

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