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Barely Breathing, She Finds An Emaciated Tiny Kitten Lying On The Side Of The Road

She finds two emaciated kittens lying beside the road, one had passed on, however, one was still barely breathing so she reaches out for help!

Lying beside the road he was in bad shape, dehydrated, the tiny kitten was just skin and bone, and covered in fleas. She placed both kittens inside her car and rang Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care, Agoura Hills, Calfornia asking for help.

Right away they said yes, she told them she had named the still living kitten, Skywalker, in the hopes he would remain strong, and that “the force would stay with him.”

Upon arrival, the team at the Urgent Care Unit started him on fluids and antibiotics. He was extremely thirsting and hungry, but he only had the strength to eat and drink small amounts.

Photo Courtesy of Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care

Then he slept, and slept, almost the entire first 24 hours at the clinic, he was so exhausted after what he had been through.

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From then on, over the next couple of days, his life was balanced on a knife-edge. He could have gone either way, he was given lots of extra care and attention. However, it didn’t really seem to make to much difference. So once the flea infestation had cleared up they decided to try introducing him to a surrogate Mom.

Photo Courtesy of Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care

They did notice that every time Skywalker would find himself near another cat he would perk up just a little. After some less than successful introductions, they decide to try Fergus, the clinic’s rehab cat.

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