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An Extremely Elusive Stray, She Was Allowed To Feed Her, But Never Get Near Her!

A local stray had had multiple litters year after year, she was extremely elusive. So imagine her surprise to find that cat waiting at her door!

An elusive stray cat, she had been living in a Los Angeles neighborhood for years. Many attempts had been made during this time by rescuers to save her kittens, however, many had died due to the extreme conditions that are part and parcel of living outside.

So traps were set in the hopes of catching her, to give her a check over, and most importantly of all get her spayed. But after months of effort, she proved extremely elusive and still roamed free.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

One of those people looking out for her was a good samaritan who had been helping the local strays in her area. Working in conjunction with Alley Cat Rescue, she had been feeding cats, giving them the care and attention many others turn a blind eye to. She was also trying to trap this highly elusive mother cat!

So imagine her surprise when she opened her door to find that very same cat relaxing on her porch! She was not alone!

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

With her, nursing away, was a litter of very healthy kittens.

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Because of his small act of kindness, she came back bringing with her a surprise!

She took them in but for some reason, the Mother cat still wanted out?

The Mother cat had brought her kittens who were now old enough to wean, right to the woman who had fed her.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

The question was would she stay long enough for Alley Cat Rescue to take action and help her?

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