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Out One Day She Comes Across Some Homeless Orphans And Brings Them Home To Her Nest!

Finding some homeless orphans, she brings them back to her nest, not knowing a nest is exactly where they belong!

While visiting a farm in Ireland host, Liz Bonnin, of the popular series Real Wild, talks with farmers Ronan and Emma Lally. It turns out they have a cat called Della, who took it upon herself to rescue what she thought were homeless orphans.

What she didn’t know at the time was that the orphans were not homeless, nor where they motherless. Nor did it seem to matter that the orphans in question had feathers instead of fur!

Screenshot via YouTube/Real Wild

Della, it would seem, had just given birth to a litter of kittens and happened to come across the ducklings, feeling the need to take them back to her own nest and make add them to her own litter.

The ducklings, as it happened, were more than happy to have Della adopt them as her own!

Screenshot via YouTube/Real Wild

Something very unique you may not know is duck moms don’t produce milk, and ducklings are born ready to find their own food and water from their surroundings, so to see them suckling a cat is extraordinary.

Experts can only guess that their natural foraging instinct calls them to come upon the milk as an unexpected food source, and their desire for warmth and comfort kept them close to their foster mother.

Since ducklings grow far faster than kittens, they seek out their independence earlier.

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With no mom in sight, the stray kitten was soon following them everywhere, just like a duckling.

That said, they still have a warm place in their fuzzy little hearts for their foster mom.

Screenshot via YouTube/Real Wild

Several weeks later the kittens are still small, and the ducks, although independent, still have an attachment to their surrogate mum.

Watch a video of this unusual family right here below:

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