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She Beat The Odds, Now She Can’t Stop Smiling About It

One Sunday morning a family find a week old kitten alone and completely helpless on their lawn. Not many of us are faced with this predicament of what to do? But what this family does will warm your hearts and reinforce your faith in human nature.


As it was a sunday they could not take her to a local vet as all vets were closed. So they took her inside and kept her warm feeding her via a syringe minus its needle. The blood around her eyes which were not yet open, and blood her mouth were cause for concern. All they could do was prey she would survive the night so they could take her to the vet in the morning.


But survive she did and this tiny kitten they would eventually name Penny was taken to the vet and his prognosis was not good. Her mouth was badly injured, resulting in the quizzical but cute expression she now has, also she was very weak. But they took her home, gave her lots of love and care, and she grew stronger and stronger. A year later, they love and care they gave Penny is now returned by the loving cat they now have.


Animals in the wild often abandon babies who are too sick or weak to survive the harsh conditions, and Penny was certainly both. Not only was she tiny and helpless, but her eyes and mouth were caked in blood.

The next morning, the veterinarian warned the family that Penny was in bad shape. It wasn’t uncommon for a week old kitten to have not opened her eyes since kittens generally open their eyes in 7-10 days after birth. He also noted injuries to her mouth, which had been crushed by something (or someone). He also found bits of gravel in her mouth.

Despite the bleak veterinary appointment, they brought Penny home and continued to give her around-the-clock care. They fed her, cleaned her, and kept her warm with cuddles and love… and a week later, little Penny opened her eyes!

Nearly a year later, Penny has become besties with her feline sister, Eden. She’s playful, full of energy, and always ready for cuddles. She can’t stop smiling. And neither can we!


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