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Almost Losing Her Life, Feeling Safe At Last, She Climbs Up Onto Her Rescuers Shoulder, Curls In, And Refuses To Let Go!

Seeing her about to be hit by oncoming cars he pulls over and sprints to where he last saw her!

While out driving one day, a kind-hearted man came across a tiny kitten trying to cross a very busy road in Arkansas. He immediately lept out of his car and plucked her to safety before it was too late!

Right away he rushed home, where he reached out to social media. Posting the kitten for free in the hopes that someone better able to take care of a young kitten would give her a home.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/pawsofoz

Holly Brookhouser, an experienced foster mom for both cats and dogs, happened to be shopping one night, while also on Facebook when she came across a post regarding the little rescue kitten.

Though on a slight hiatus after taking care of multiple litters, she immediately reached out to help.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/pawsofoz

“She had run under his car, so he stopped, grabbed her, and rushed home,” said Holly.

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She meowed once, ran across 8 lanes of traffic, crawled up onto her shoulder, and refused to let go!

After being pulled frozen from the snow, the tiny kitten finds his way to the officer’s shoulder and won’t let go!

That very day also happened to be the very same day of the second anniversary for the adoption of her son Marcelo. A day to celebrate and commemorate by saving a baby.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/pawsofoz

Marcelo couldn’t wait to meet the new arrival!

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