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Without Their Mom For Six Days, They Were All Fighting For Their Lives. For The Runt Of The Litter, His Road To Recovery Would Be Much Harder!

A big personality soon began to emerge.

Jillian increased his feedings in the hopes it would help him catch up with his siblings. Appreciating all the extra love care and attention, he quite often rolled onto his back for belly rubs.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

Piper developed an eye infection to go along with his swollen paws, though the swelling seemed to go down a little. However, not to be held back, he began putting on weight and seemed to hold his own with his much heather siblings.

He quickly found all four paws and refused to be slowed down.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

“His eye is still bothering him, but it definitely looks better. He’s still energetic and has a decent appetite, so hopefully, he’ll continue to improve!’

Hitting his stride he began to grow as his energy levels increased along with his appetite.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

The swelling in his paws went down and Piper well and truly turned the corner.

His appetite increased to the level a healthy kitten should have as day by day he became ever more playful.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

Piper began scampering around with unrelenting energy taking on all comers without any signs of backing down.

“Piper (top) is still much smaller than his siblings, but he’s a tough little dude!”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

Piper had completely transformed, blossoming into a happy healthy kitten.

Still smaller than his siblings he seems completely unaware of this fact.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

Making up for any lack in size with his personality, one so huge others can’t help but notice.

She Knew They Were Meant To Be Together And Nothing Was Going To Stand In Her Way To Stop Her From Making It A Reality!

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