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Without Their Mom For Six Days, They Were All Fighting For Their Lives. For The Runt Of The Litter, His Road To Recovery Would Be Much Harder!

Left without their Mom he was half the size of his siblings with a much harder road to recovery.

After trying to reunite a litter of five kittens with their Mom who had abandoned them, the Good Samaritan who found them finally had to concede defeat, and the litter was brought to FosterBabyCats, a rescue group based in Columbus, Ohio, who specializes in taking care of neonates.

“I personally specialize in orphan neonates because it’s sadly such an overlooked group (most shelters just euthanize),” said Jillian of Foster Baby Cats.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

Once the kittens arrived at the rescue, she quickly noticed the smallest kitten was struggling with his breathing, which turned out to be a severe case of pneumonia. She also noticed he had a severely swollen paw.

He was started on antibiotics immediately and monitored closely.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

Around the clock, care was provided for the whole litter along with supplemental care to try and boost their immune systems, which had been compromised by not having their mom was almost a whole week.

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Without mom’s support, they were on the brink, she had clearly been missing for days!

The runt of the litter, he had stopped eating. She was told he was not worth the worry!

They were all fighting for their lives, none more so than the smallest kitten, Piper, who was no bigger than Jillian’s palm.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

The litter spent most of their time in the incubator to help regulate their body temperatures while they slept, pretty much only coming out for feeding.

The swelling in Piper’s paw went down only to come back up again.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/fosterbabycats

“Piper is half the size of his siblings and his toesies are swollen again. He’s on two different antibiotics,” said Jillian.

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