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Half The Size Of Her Siblings She Did Her Best To Walk, But With Those Legs, It Was Virtually Impossible!

She had no elbows!

Upon closer examination it was found her two front legs were of a correct length, it was just that she can’t straighten them or maneuver them like other kittens. Roo has no elbows, which limits what she can do with her front legs. On a positive note, there appears to be no pain or inflammation.

Photo Courtesy of Marnie Russ

For now, the first priority is helping her gain weight, then watching how she distributes the new weight on her legs. Once her weight is stable, they’ll begin developing a plan for physical therapy.

They’re also looking at splints in case she needs some extra support. “If we can straighten it out, she may be able to walk better on it,” says Marnie.

Photo Courtesy of Marnie Russ

In the meantime, Roo is getting around pretty well by walking on her back legs and playing on her back by kicking her feet at toys. She recently even reached out with one of her front legs to grab a toy!

All of the love, care, and encouragement she’s receiving is certainly giving her the confidence she needs to thrive.

Photo Courtesy of Marnie Russ

Though Roo technically started out in Marnie’s care as a foster kitten, she quickly earned a permanent spot. “I adopted her,” Marnie swooned, “There was never a question.

I couldn’t bear the thought of her leaving. She’s so sweet. All she does it purr and jump in my lap and purr all the time. She’s pretty amazing.” Well, Marnie, we think you’re pretty amazing too.

Photo Courtesy of Marnie Russ

The National Kitten Coalition educates shelters, rescues, and communities all over the country about ways to save neonatal kittens and other at-risk kittens.

Their goal is to teach the best caregiving practices, provide support, and to create a network to share valuable information about saving the lives of kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Marnie Russ

Watch a video on Roo’s journey here below:

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Learn more about the NAC at and also here on Facebook.

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