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Half The Size Of Her Siblings She Did Her Best To Walk, But With Those Legs, It Was Virtually Impossible!

Rescued from the streets along with her two siblings shelter staff soon noticed something very different about her, especially when she tried to walk!

Rescued from the streets of Gainsville Virginia, by Animal Control three kittens are brought to the Animal Welfare League in Arlington. Right away shelter staff notices something very different about one of the kittens.

Not only was she smaller than her siblings, but her appearance also became far more noticeable when she desperately tried to walk.

Photo Courtesy of Marnie Russ

Her attempts to walk were made in what shelter staff called a “weird” fashion. So much so it was possible she had some sort of disability.

That being the case it looked like Roo, as she was named, given that she looks like the kitten version of a Kangaroo, would need the help of the National Kitten Coalition. An organization that assists disabled cats and kittens, increasing their chances of survival.

Photo Courtesy of Marnie Russ

Roo soon arrived at NKC with the help of animal control along with her two siblings. Judging by the size of her siblings, who were now two pounds, Roo who was much smaller was about two months old.

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After having his front legs horribly mangled, he hops his way into their home as well as into their hearts!

Dragging her crushed foot behind her, all she was doing was asking anyone and everyone for help!

Marnie Russ, co-founder of the NKC thinks that Roo’s disabilities gave her a slow start, meaning she had less access to milk, therefore a much harder time feeding.

Photo Courtesy of Marnie Russ

Roo was brought to the Nova Cat Clinic in Arlington to be assessed by the Veterinary Technicians who are also experts on neonatal kittens. It was there that one of those experts noticed the kitten had a curled paw?

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