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Rescued At Only Four Months Old A Stray Kitten Needs Immediate Medical Attention For Her Frog Like Eyes!

Found on the streets at only four months old, a stray kitten with huge eyes is in desperate need of immediate care and attention.

Cerena was working at the front desk of the ASPCA Kitten Nursery in New York City when a strange-looking kitten with frog like eyes was dropped off.

Screenshot via YouTube

Cerena said that as soon as Oomi, as she was named, came into the nursery, the only thing the sick stray wanted was to be cuddled and loved.

Screenshot via YouTube

After treating her various medical issues, vets think Oomi’s ‘frog-like eyes,’ are due to a bacterial infection that ran rampant because it was left untreated.

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Oomi’s eyes would have to be closely monitored over the next few days.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Oomi The Kitten

Once she was treated Cerena offered to foster Oomi into her home. Once she had settled in little feline’s health began to stabilize.

Screenshot via YouTube

However, after lots of trips back to the vet to monitor her eyes the difficult decision was made to have them removed.

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The surgery went well and Oomi was ready to cuddle up with her best buddy the very next day after the operation.

Screenshot via YouTube

She recovered well from the operation and has no trouble at all wandering around the house.

Screenshot via YouTube

As playful as ever she enjoys life to the full.

Screenshot via YouTube

All she had needed was a home of her own and a Mom who loved her, someone who cared.

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