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Rejected By Everyone Because Of His Deformed Front Legs

Living life as a stray cat must be bad enough! Can you imagine what it must be like if both your front legs are deformed and you can’t walk properly?

It makes it harder to find food and water, a safe place to sleep, not to mention crossing the road. And then there’s trying to avoid other territorial cats so as to not get into fights.

That is what life was like for this poor ginger Tom, how he survived to adulthood I don’t know? One thing is for sure good samaritans kept him fed and gave him some love and attention.

But a passerby saw him and went even further than the other good Samaritans by deciding to do something that was going to change both their lives for the better.

She saw the poor cat was begging for some help. He couldn`t walk properly, his legs were in bad shape.

She took the cat in her home, gave him cat food and after that she brought him to a vet.  They made a special prosthetics to help him walk. He is recovering very well. This woman decided to adopt the kitty and care for him.

Check out his new prosthetic attachments!

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