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With No Mom In Sight, Just Like A Duckling, A Stray Kitten Started Following Them Wherever They Went!

Taking a stroll in the woods one day they came across a little stray kitten. Soon it followed them wherever they went.

A couple was out taking a stroll in the woods one day when the happened upon a tiny stray kitten. The tiny feline was all on its own, they could not see a Mom, nor any siblings anywhere!

Photo Courtesy of @imgur/spookydoc

Soon just like a little duckling, the tiny ball of fluff was following them wherever they went.

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She was so small she could easily fit into their hands.

Photo Courtesy of @imgur/spookydoc

It didn’t take very long before she had well and truly worked her way into their hearts. They couldn’t bear the thought of leaving a defenseless kitten on her own in the woods. They came to a decision.

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