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Orphaned And Alone They Were Found Cuddling, Never Straying Very Far From Each Others Side

From the start, they were completely inseparable, very sick they were found cuddling, never straying very far from each other’s side.

Earlier this year Alley Cat Rescue was contacted about two kittens who had been plucked from the streets and placed in a shelter. Not in good health, they were orphaned and alone, very much in need of a quick rescue.

As soon as they were picked up from the shelter they were found to be inseparable. Even during recovery, the pair were almost constantly in contact, snuggling and purring nonstop.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

“They were quite sick but the sweetest little guys. James is the white and grey kitten and Jacobi is the orange tabby,” Alley Cat Rescue shared.

Once human laps were discovered, one would crawl on for a cuddle, closely followed by another.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

They are always cuddling. They love people, dogs and each other.”

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Lying on a stump in the middle of nowhere all she could do is cry for help!

After he got home he was surprised not to get the usually excited greeting! Instead, his dog led him straight to the bathtub?

Things were only going to get better for the pair, as they were on their way to a foster home, where more cuddling awaited them.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

Pickles, a 5-year-old deaf dog is a giant love-bug who just happens to love kittens. Just like the kittens he was found in a shelter and rescued from a less than certain.

A lover of life, he cuddles everyone he comes into contact with. When his Mom and Dad bring home fosters, the new arrivals are showered with hugs.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

The kittens were no exception to this rule. James and Jacobi soon found themselves snuggling with Pickles, he let them crawl all over him. Very gentle, they felt safe, and more importantly, they felt loved.

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