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Only Two Hours Old She’s A Tiny Stray, They Struggle To Save Her Life

As with most animals, newborn kittens are completely vulnerable, helpless and seldom survive when separated from their Mom’s. So when they arrive in a shelter most are euthanized.

Now, however, someone is trying to stop this sad and unnecessary trend. Hannah Shaw, known as “The Kitten Lady,” is dedicating her life to finding ways of protecting the lives of all animals, right down to the most helpless.

Perception is the key, the way people see these tiny completely vulnerable lives. Yes, feeding and taking care of a newborn kitten requires more dedication and care just to keep them alive.

More feeding means more staff hours at shelters, but it is no less rewarding. Even more so when they survive and are re-homed.

In the video below watch as Hannah is called to try and save a new born kitten, just click play:

Hannah says: “Rosalita was brought to an animal shelter within hours of being born, with no mama and no other litter mates. Neonatal orphans like her are the hardest to find care for, and they are commonly euthanized without a foster home. If you find a kitten outside, please do everything you can to find the mom–and to TNR the cats in the area. Watch Rosalita’s video, and if you’re inspired to get involved, check out my instructional videos to learn how you can save kittens just like her!”

To visit Hannah’s website click here !

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