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Her Health Quickly Declining, She Was Losing Weight Fast! There Was Only One Option Left!

She couldn’t cope with shelter life and was losing weight fast, they felt there was only one option left!

In need of rescue, Harper the kitten had been brought to a shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was having trouble coping though, she was not doing well trying to survive in a shelter environment. There was really only one option left.

Seeing what the little kitten was going through a kind-hearted woman removed Harper from the shelter and brought her into a loving home.

Photo Courtesy of Patricia Lika @fosterkittensvegas

So happy at this unexpected turn of events Harper began cuddling right away. After a good bath and a good brush with a comb, as well as happy Harper was parasite free.

“Harper was purring so loud after a bath I could tell she felt so much better.”

Photo Courtesy of Patricia Lika @fosterkittensvegas

So happy with her new home, all she really wanted to do was snuggle, cuddle and purr.

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On their way to the shelter, they saw a tiny kitten trying to cross the road all on its own!

Dumped on the shelter’s doorstep painted red and blue!

The plan for Harper was pretty simple, watch her health, and when she was ready, to allow her to join the other foster kittens. Pretty soon she moved into the large foster room where she went on an expedition of discovery. Finding news toys and more freedom.

Photo Courtesy of Patricia Lika @fosterkittensvegas

Whenever Harper is not playing or napping, she is cuddling with her foster mom and hogging her shoulders or lap.

“She loves sitting on my shoulder. As soon as I sit down she jumps right up and cuddles into my neck, giving me kisses. She just wants to sit there all the time and just lays down and cuddles.”

When Harper was medically clear, Patricia introduced her to two other foster kittens.

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