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With Only One Option Left, They Felt They Didn’t Have The Resources To Care For Him! One Person Felt He Deserved Another Chance

He was not what you would call shy and retiring!

And shine he did, he continued to eat well and soon began putting on weight.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kangaroothekitty

It soon became clear that Pug was not what you would call the shy and retiring type. When he wasn’t seeking cuddles he was looking for someone to play with.

At this point, he was introduced to another kitten called Moxie who had broken a leg soon after birth. Though Moxie tried to let Pug know who was boss at first, they soon became fast friends.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kangaroothekitty

“Baby Moxie loves her sissy Puggy!”

After the slightly bumpy introduction, the pair were hardly ever apart, When they weren’t hard at play they were equally hard at napping, it was clear the pair had bonded.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kangaroothekitty

Despite his challenges Pug does not seem to see himself as being different from any other kitten. He has overcome every challenge he faces, fully embracing life.

He was given another chance and he took it with both paws!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kangaroothekitty

The best news of all was when Pug and Movie were ready for their forever homes, they were adopted together, ever the perfect pair.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kangaroothekitty

You can watch a video on Pugs Journey right here below:

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/pugthefosterkitty

H/T YouTube/Love for Kittens.

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