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With Only One Option Left, They Felt They Didn’t Have The Resources To Care For Him! One Person Felt He Deserved Another Chance

Rescued from the brink of euthanasia all she wanted was for him to at least have at least a better chance at life!

After he was rescued from the streets Pug was brought to a shelter with limited resources. Once they found he had hydrocephalus, a condition that can affect balance, along with a cleft palette they were not sure they could afford the treatment to care for him!

With only one option left, they then decided that euthanasia might be the best option! That was until Tonis Kitty Rescue of San Francisco learned of his plight and stepped in to give him the chance at life he deserved!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/pugthefosterkitty

Pug never seemed to have a down day, always energetic and equally enthusiastic.

However, it was clear he would need adequate care for the challenges he faced with hydrocephalus, so Tonis Kitty Rescue contacted Saving Grace Rescue for assistance.

Photo Courtesy of Tonis Kitty Rescue

A foster home was soon found for the tiny orphan with Joyce, a foster volunteer working in conjunction with Saving Grace Rescue.

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Furless from a rare condition she is given the opportunity to get her fluff back!

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Soon after arrival it became quickly apparent that Pug loved snuggles.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kangaroothekitty

“He weighs 1 lb 3 oz today and we cannot wait to see his personality shine, said Joyce.

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