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Found Alone In A Box On The Sidewalk, They Were So Cold Rescuers Couldn’t Register A Temperature!

Soon she put he difficult times behind her!

A spot soon appeared which burst and fluid drained away and the infection began to heal. Beeps looked a bit of a mess though with cream on her belly and ointment on her eye!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

By the time Beeps was three weeks old she had put her difficult past behind her and she went from strength to strength.

Her eyes were open and cleaning and grooming herself whenever she could was more than just a pastime, it was a passion.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

She was making friends with other fosters in the home and spent most of her time playing with her favorite soft toy.

Which, by the way, goes by the name Peeps.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Most importantly she successfully past her first test run of the litterbox with flying colors.

Though she did try to eat the kitty litter afterwards!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Beeps soon made friends with just about every cat and kitten in the home.

She also tried soft food for the first time and loved it.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Though at this point her bottle is still very much her favorite.

The future for little Beeps is now looking very bright!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Now at 12 weeks old, she is very happy, enjoying every minute of her life in her foster home thanks to Sheila’s loving care and dedication.

Watch a video of Beeps’s journey by clicking the link below:

H/T YouTube/Love For Kittens and Instagram/Love2Foster.

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