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Found Alone In A Box On The Sidewalk, They Were So Cold Rescuers Couldn’t Register A Temperature!

Only hours old she was found in a box with two siblings, they were so cold rescuers couldn’t register a temperature!

Just hours old three newborn kittens are found in a box on an Oregon sidewalk! With no Mom to keep them warm and feed them, they are cold and weak!

So cold, in fact, their rescuers could not register a temperature on the thermometer!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

They are taken to the VCA hospital where they are carefully warmed up and rescuers start to look for potential Foster parents.

However, during that time two kittens didn’t make it!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Leaving little Beeps who arrived in Sheila’s care on March 30th. At the time she was only hours old, weighing a paltry 3.1 oz.

She was very dirty and had one big flea looking to make a home in her fur. Sheila got a tiny brush removing most of the dirt and evicting the flea. But worse of all, Beeps was still extremely weak.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Her suckling response was good but she could only latch on for short periods, as she lacked the energy to feed properly.

Because of this Shiela had to feed her each and every hour, supplementing these feeds with fluids, both to make up for what she couldn’t eat and also keep her hydrated.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Beeps was a fighter, wanting to live, never giving up she began to gain weight day by day.

Soon she was starting to thrive, but then things took a turn for the worse!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

On April 1st Sheila noticed some redness around Beeps umbilical cord, this quickly grew into a lump and the tiny kitten was rushed to the emergency VCA hospital.

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They were found on the sidewalk curled up against the cold struggling to stay warm!

Completely helpless she is found on the sidewalk burning under the midsummer sun!

Beeps was diagnosed with Omphalitis, the prognosis was not good, the infection had begun to spread into the joints of one of her legs.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

The vet prescribed antibiotics and Beeps kept doing what she did best, eating and purring as she fought the infection.

Soon the infection was subsiding and Beeps began putting on weight again.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Just as things were looking up Sheila noticed swelling in Beep’s right eye! As she was taking antibiotics for her cord infection Sheila applied warm compresses to the eye in a bid to reduce the swelling and help heal the eye.

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