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Despite All The Abuse, The Suffering And Pain He Had Been Through, As Soon As He Saw Her He Reached For A Hug

Only ten weeks old he is found on the streets, abused and neglected he is covered in scars with two broken hips.

So frail when he is brought into a shelter in Massachusetts, for a ten-week-old, he has so many scars! The badly abused kitten had a cleft lip through which they could see his chipped and broken teeth. To top it all off, he is blind in one eye.

Photo courtesy of Tara Kay / The Odd Cat Sanctuary

He had been found just in time, and once spotted by Tara Kay, founder of The Odd Cat Sanctuary she couldn’t resist rescuing him from the shelter. As soon as she went to pick him up he reached out, begging to be hugged and petted, the whole time purring non-stop.

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β€œI thought he was just so special,” Tara said. β€œHe is the most precious soul who has endured the most awful things on the streets.

Photo courtesy of Tara Kay / The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Given the name Wolfie, despite all his injuries and all the challenges he faces on a daily basis, he keeps fighting on. However, he still had so much to overcome!

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