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Only 12 Hours Old, She Is Determined To Survive! But Only If Her Sister Is There Too! Fighting Right By Her Side

Only 12 hours old, they have been abandoned by their Mom with very little chance of survival.

Four kittens are found incredibly sick after being found abandoned by their Mom. A volunteer for Sparkle Cat Rescue, Greensborough, North Carolina, picked the babies up and brought them home to foster to give them a fighting chance.

Sarah Kelly, an experienced foster Mom, knew these newborn kittens faced an uphill battle, but she was determined to give them their best shot at life.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

They were so young and vulnerable the litter would require around the clock care. Sara began by feeding the kittens every two hours, however, diarrhea soon set in!

“Diarrhea is a one-word scary story when fostering 6-day old babies. It started with these tiny ones at midnight and has only gotten worse, so we are heading into the vet at 10:30,” said Sarah! 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

A new diet was prescribed for the kittens along with probiotics. Even so, just a few days later two of the little fighters passed away.

“Numerous emergency vet visits, frantic phone calls, and all of our humanly possible efforts weren’t enough to fight off the war these neonates were fighting,” shared Sarah.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

Two of the mountain climbing litter (named because of their big hearts) remained to carry on the fight.

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Filthy, they were found all huddled together for support. It appeared Mom had been gone for quite some time!

Abandoned in a dumpster, two kittens are found huddled together, supporting each other as they fight for their lives!

Anna and Matty were responding well to the new diet and soon their eyes were beginning to open.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

Both little girls were half the size they should be for their age, but at least they were making progress.

Matty was so tiny, at almost two weeks old she could fit into the palm of Kelly’s hands with ease.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

By the time they were three weeks old, diarrhea was a thing of the past, and Matty weighed 300 grams.

Anna, the smaller of the siblings, looked just as cute with her toe beans. However, she was much quieter than her larger sister and always seemed to be playing catch-up.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

In another week they had progressed to the point where they were eating soft food and had even graduated to their own playpen.

“They just moved into a playpen for their full time “digs.” They were ready to stretch their legs and explore some more!”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kellyfosterkittens

Things took a turn for the worse when Kelly took Anna to the vet with concerns about how she was walking. It turned out she had fractured her foot due to bone density issues!

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