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One Feral Kitten, Much Braver Than The Rest, Looked Right Into Her Eyes As She Cuddled With Her Siblings

She just happened to be in a shelter one day when she came across a litter of four feral kittens. It only took one look to know they deserved a chance at a better life.

Right then and there, after looking into the eyes of that tiny feral kitten, Laura Malone, the director of Mini Cat Town decided to take them in and become their foster Mom.

One kitten in particular, clearly brave than her siblings looked right into Laura’s eyes, all the while snuggling up with one of her brothers.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Mini Cat Town

Soon after they had arrived in their new home the kittens went on a tour of inspection in the foster room, exploring every nook and cranny that they came across.

The brave tortoiseshell again looked at her and came right on over, sitting at Laura’s feet, staring. Laura named her Tanooki, she was the first to jump into Laura’s lap.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Mini Cat Town

Once she felt comfortable enough, she decided to make this a more permanent arrangement and stayed, snuggling right in. Curling right up she began to purr.

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Scared and lonely she found him outside crying for his Mom.

As her siblings tumbled about, Tanooki nestled into Laura’s lap, soaking up all the attention from her foster Mom.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Mini Cat Town

As soon as Laura sat down on the floor, she would run right over and hop right on. Soon, however, someone else wanted in on the act.

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