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Whenever The Patio Door Was Left Open A Tiny Black Blur Would Try To Sneak In!

One summer’s day they saw a tiny black blur run across their porch? It was back the next day and it was very hungry.

Marc and Beata were looking out into their Illinois yard one day when out of the blue and tiny black blur sprinted across their patio! It was a tiny black kitten, extremely shy of humans it had come for the water they had left outside.

Photo Courtesy of Marc and Beata @smucci_cat

Scared of humans the couple began trying to win him over with food to go along with the water he was already drinking.

Keeping their distance so as not to scare him off they kept a watchful eye out for siblings or maybe even a Momma cat?

Photo Courtesy of Marc and Beata @smucci_cat

He was back the next day! Still, on his own, no siblings or Mom had appeared. Expecting more food Marc and Beata didn’t let the little guy down.

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She poked her head out of the bushes, mustered up all her kitten courage and walked toward him.

Wolfing it down he began to become more relaxed in their presence.

Photo Courtesy of Marc and Beata @smucci_cat

Throughout the course of the week, he began to warm up to them when it dawned on him that they wanted to help him and were not going to hurt him.

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