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With The Shelter At Maximum Capacity, He Was Soon On The Waiting List To Be Put Down!

Taken to a shelter, he was surrendered by his owner as he was allergic to cats. With the shelter almost full he was soon on the waiting list to be put down!

Born with downs syndrome Maverick was lucky to have an owner who loved him just the way he was, however in August of last year that all changed.

Mavericks’ owner discovered that they had a cat allergy, so Maverick’s life was turned upside down when he was surrendered at the local shelter.

Photo Courtesy of The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Maverick was born with an extra chromosome. His condition is comparable to Down Syndrome in humans. He was also diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, abnormal dilation of the ventricular system from an increased volume of spinal fluid (a build-up of fluid in the brain).  

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On death row with hours left to live, his time is almost up!

He was going to be euthanized just because of the way he looked!

Things only got worse for Maverick as the shelter was reaching maximum capacity.

Photo Courtesy of The Odd Cat Sanctuary

As Maverick was not as adaptable as the other cats, he was placed on the shortlist to be euthanized.

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