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After Rescue He Soon Finds Himself On Death Row At Only Three Weeks Of Age With The Clock Ticking Down!

After being rescued from the streets he found himself on death row on a short time limit till he was due to be put down!

Reggie the kitten was rescued from his short life as a stray kitten only to find himself on death row in a high kill shelter in NYC facing the all too real possibility that at the age of three weeks his life could be over.

After North Shore Animal League found out about Reggie’s predicament they contacted a volunteer foster Mom, Kelly, if she could give him a home, she was only too happy to.

Photo Courtesy of @suzie_and_kushi

The tiny tuxedo had somehow lost his Mom and any siblings he may have had.

But after arriving in his new home, two furry family members showed Reggie the love he had lost, in the process, becoming the family he had never had.

Photo Courtesy of @suzie_and_kushi

Suzie the dog absolutely loves kittens. Whenever Kelly brings a foster kitten home, Suzie wastes no time in offering to cuddle the new arrival.

Reggie himself didn’t waste any time in settling himself under Suzie’s wing, he was immediately drawn to the large dog. And Suzie, like any parent, is very protective of him.

Photo Courtesy of @suzie_and_kushi

Aside from Suzie, Reggie also has another caregiver. Kushi, the one-eyed cat is also a big kitten fan.

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Facing certain death he showed his gratitude in the only way he knew how.

All it took to end up on death row for cats was one extra chromosome.

“He loves taking care of kittens and helps me with all the foster babies that I take in,” Kelly said.

Photo Courtesy of @suzie_and_kushi

In just a few days, Reggie went from being on death row to now in the loving arms of his foster siblings. Kushi loves to cuddle him…

Photo Courtesy of @suzie_and_kushi

Little Reggie has now claimed his human’s hoodie as his new bed. In fact, anything soft now belongs to him!

Photo Courtesy of @suzie_and_kushi

Reggie loves his new foster mama very much…

Photo Courtesy of @suzie_and_kushi

And feels safe and loved by all in his new home.

Photo Courtesy of @suzie_and_kushi

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