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Without A Moments Thought, The Officer Pulls Over, Calls For Backup And Approaches The Terrified Kitten!

While on duty an officer was driving along the freeway when he saw a kitten trapped on the median barrier in the middle of six lanes of traffic!

Officer Jason Smith, from the North Kansas City Police Department, was on duty driving his squad car on a Kansas freeway when he saw a tiny terrified kitten trapped on the median barrier in the middle of six lanes of high-speed traffic!

Without giving it a moments thought he pulled over, called for backup, then carefully approached the terrified feline.

Calling, “here kitty kitty,” he was able to pluck her from harm and took her to safety.

She was still very frightened though, as he climbed back into his squad car she scratched at him. After talking gently he was thankfully able to calm her down.

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It took him 25 mins to drive back to the spot where he saw it, but he knew he had to go back!

On his very first day on the job, he saves a life!

From there Officer Smith took her to the local shelter where she cleaned up and given a health check.

Over the next few days, Officer Smith regularly checked in on her, learning that no one came to claim the tiny orphan.

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