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Persistent, He Found Her New Hiding Spot And Gave Her A Nose Kiss. From There There Was No Turning Back

Out for a stroll with his human, he comes across a frightened stary kitten hiding under a bush!

Gilbert the cat likes nothing more than to take regular walks with his humans. He was out for a stroll one day when he spied a tiny kitten hiding under a bush. Nothing if not persistent he went to investigate.

Gilbert decided to try and get to know the tiny feline, however she high tailed to another spot!

Photo Courtesy of Missenell @missenell

“When we tried to look under the bush, she ran and found another place to hide,” Missenell said.

However, Gilbert is nothing if not persistent so he followed her to her new hiding spot behind a gate and greeted her with a nose kiss.

Photo Courtesy of Missenell @missenell

Well that was it, for the tiny feline there was no turning back, she followed Gilbert wherever he went. Though she was still a little undecided on humans

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When he got home he didn’t get the usually excited greeting he normally gets. Instead, his dog lead him straight to the bathtub?

“After that, she wouldn’t leave him alone and started to follow him around. It was love at first sight.”

Photo Courtesy of Missenell @missenell

Very shy with Missenell she would either run away if he was to close or hiss.

Gilbert and Missenell decided to take her home, and after a good bath, gave her a much-needed meal. After that, she soon began to come round to the thought that some humans are not so bad after all. Great for providing food, cuddles are quite nice too.

Photo Courtesy of Missenell @missenell

Missenell thought that after providing her some much-needed care that he would find her a new home.

Gilbert, however, had another plan in mind. Giving her a quiet room in which to adjust to her new life they then introduced her to Nelly the other household cat. Soon she was exploring and then purring, a sound which would attract Gilbert as soon as it began.

Photo Courtesy of Missenell @missenell

Nelly by now was beginning to warm at with the little kitten as she became more familiar with the older cats’ presence. Gilbert checked up on her whenever possible, making sure she was OK.

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