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Being A Cat His Reaction Time Is Fast, But Not Fast Enough! Lying In A Pool Of His Own Blood They Waste No Time In Calling For Help!

With the aid of Space Ghost’s strong will to live staff were able stem the loss of blood and stop his decline.

Soon he was showing some signs of alertness and there was hope he might pull through.

Screenshot via NBC Boston

“He had some significant blunt trauma to his chest,” ARL veterinarian Emily Forline said. “As soon as we pulled off the air from his chest… he immediately perked right up.”

According to their press release, he continues to make improvements on a daily basis.

Screenshot via NBC Boston

Throughout an entire day, ARL shelter medicine staff tapped Space Ghost’s chest to remove more than 100mL of air, which in turn made the cat much more comfortable. Since this procedure, Space Ghost has made remarkable strides.

He will need to be monitored though for the next couple of weeks before he can be eligible for adoption.

Screenshot via NBC Boston

An NBC news team from Boston visited Space Ghost at the shelter and did a story on his amazing recovery. Staff at the shelter were clearly very happy to see their temporary guest well on the road to his forever home.

“He’s been doing great here, he’s been gaining weight slowly,” Forline said.

Screenshot via NBC Boston

ARL is thankful to all the Good Samaritan’s for their quick actions to save the life of this animal.”

ARL is the only animal welfare agency in Massachusetts able to respond to this type of emergency situation in the field, and the organization looks forward to getting Space Ghost healthy and into a loving home.”

Screenshot via NBC Boston

H/T and NBC Boston.

Terrified And Alone, He Had Become Separated From His Friend. Without That Support, He Cried Almost Non-Stop!

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