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Being A Cat His Reaction Time Is Fast, But Not Fast Enough! Lying In A Pool Of His Own Blood They Waste No Time In Calling For Help!

As a cat, his reaction time is lightning fast, sadly not fast enough to avoid an oncoming car.

Out one day a good samaritan stumbles upon a young Snowshoe cat lying in a pool of his own blood in the Jamaica Plain area of Boston, Massachusetts, after being struck by an oncoming car.

Lying near an outdoor staircase and completely unresponsive it was clear he was badly injured

Screenshot via NBC Boston

Barely clinging to life witnesses wasted no time and Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) for help.

A call that would hopefully save at least one of this cats nine lives.

Screenshot via NBC Boston

A rescue team was soon on the scene and found a very frightened obviously suffering feline. Taking great care they carefully approached and gently coaxed him into a cat carrier with the aid of food.

He was soon on his way to ARL’s Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center for immediate emergency surgery.

Screenshot via NBC Boston

On arrival, it was clear that the call for help had come just in time. When medical staff saw the extent of his injures and associated blood loss there was no time to spare.

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Motionless she lay crumpled into a tiny wet ball as all the cars drove past her motionless body!

Left with severe injuries they leave her on the side of the road to die.

They gave him the name Space Ghost.

Screenshot via NBC Boston

The cat was thin, dehydrated, severely muscle wasted, and quiet. He also had outward physical injuries including scabbing, several broken toenails, and a fractured tooth.”

“However, it was his internal injuries that were concerning.

Screenshot via NBC Boston

X-rays revealed foreign matter in his stomach and colon, bruised lungs and severe pneumothorax (air in the chest outside the lungs).

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