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He Was Not A Cat Guy, Then After Finding A Barely Alive Abandoned Kitten, His Aunt Brings It Home

He was not a guy, never had been and never thought he would be, then his Aunt brought home an abandoned kitten.

Josh was a good guy, not a bad guy at all, just not a cat guy. The thought of snuggling up with a cat held absolutely no appeal at all. Little did Josh know that one fateful day that was all about to change!

A couple of months ago Josh’s Aunt had found a newborn kitten that looked as though it had been abandoned by its Mom. She picked the little guy up and he made some noises, he was just bearly alive, so she quickly brought him home.

Soon things regarding cats quickly began to change for Josh. His Aunt cared for the kitten, and Josh began to care too. He wanted to keep the little orphan, however, well-meaning friends advised him to leave the kitten for its Mom, that she would come back.

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One wintry night, at only 2 weeks old she is found walking the streets all on her own!

Alone lying on a stump in the middle of nowhere with no Mom, all she can do is cry for help!

They told him to leave the kitten out for the night, so that’s what Josh did.

Josh did not sleep well that night.

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