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Found In An Abandoned Car She Took Them In, But No Matter What She Tried They Refused Feed

After being found abandoned and starving in an abandoned car she took them in, but they wouldn’t feed.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

They had been found all alone and these two kittens were in desperate need of nourishment.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

She tried them on formula, but no matter what she did they wouldn’t take it.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

At her wit’s end and with no other option she had a bright idea!

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Hopes were high she would accept them as her own.

Found abandoned and on his own, if he was to survive he would need a mother’s milk!

She knew just where to find her.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

She was also fostering a Moma cat and her babies, but would it work?

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

She had been keeping the two families separate so she decided to introduce the mother to the two orphaned kittens to see if she would allow them to take her milk.

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