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Discarded Because She Is No Longer Useful To Her So-Called Family, They Soon Find Out She Is Also Heavily Pregnant!

Heavily pregnant shelter staff were told she was no longer a good fit for their family!

Alyssa, a flame point Snowshoe Siamese, was surrendered to OHS (Ohio Humane Society) by her family with the excuse that she was ‘no longer a good fit for her family.’ In reality, what they really meant is she was no longer useful.

The real truth was that Alyssa’s so-called family were breeders. Alyssa was four and a half years old, she had been surrendered with no vaccination history, she was covered in fleas, and to top it all off, heavily pregnant.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Another sad truth was Alyssa had eaten her previous litter, a sure indication of extreme stress and or fear.

At her current age, Alyssa may have had dozens of kittens, having lost the last litter, these breeders may have thought they were losing this income stream, so terrified Alyssa is discarded.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Alyssa’s hard life changed very quickly when she was fostered by Sheila @love2foster, with her kittens due in a couple of weeks.

Initially very shy she was prone to becoming overstimulated, very quickly tending to swat if she thinks your petting has gone a little too far. After one week though she had already made progress.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

“Alyssa is becoming more comfortable here. She is willing to come out of her safe place (a box) when I am in the room,” Sheila told the Kitten Cat Post.

Soon she was coming out of her shell more and more. Doing a lot of exploring at night and even spending time in the room with real humans while waiting for her babies.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Alyssa and Sheila didn’t have to wait long! Soon three bouncing kittens were in the world, two boys and a girl!

“Who’s been waiting for the kitten reveal! Guess what we’ve been doing this Caturday”, Sheila siad.

Alyssa spent some time on pain killers after the birth but was doing really well. She spends most of her time with her kittens but does occasionally come out to eat.

“They are the softest marshmallows ever,” said Sheila of the kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

One thing that very quickly became clear with Alyssa, was that she didn’t like anyone picking up her kittens. The only reason she allowed it at all may have been because of the pain killers she was on.

“She lets me pick them up but watches closely and will reach for them if they are too far away.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Gradually over time as she began to trust her human family. Sheila and her daughter Danielle were allowed to pick up the kittens more often, but could not hold on to them for too long.

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Danielle was able to pick one up, but when the kitten realized she wasn’t Mom she got some hisses for her effort.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Meanwhile, the cuteness fest just kept getting cuter!

Just look at the photo below!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Alyssa proved to be a great Mom, she was very protective, making sure they were safe at all times.

Though that proved more difficult when they opened their eyes.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Once their eyes opened they always tried to do things as a trio.

Even attempting their first escape attempt together!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

The kittens went from strength to strength, growing very quickly, they ate as much as their bellies could hold.

Sometimes overindulging and getting the hiccups in the process.

It seemed possible, the kittens were actually still getting cuter and cuter.

Nearly always found together.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

According to Sheila, the kittens were now sleeping around 20 hours a day followed by brief spurts of kitten fun and play.

The human family was also now allowed to handle the kittens without too much fuss. Though they were closely monitored at all times.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Then before anyone expected the kittens were weaned and Alyssa found herself back at OHS waiting for her forever home!

“I’m really going to miss Alyssa. She took excellent care of her kittens and protected them fiercely. When she was ready, she shared them with me,” said Sheila.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

She was soon placed in a loving home and her kittens continued to thrive, the ever-playful trio.

Having the time of their lives on a daily basis.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/love2foster

Until at around 9 weeks of age tragedy struck!

To find out what happens next please click 2 below!


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