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The Mother Cat Was Doing Her Best, However, The Paralyzed Kitten Was Not In Good Shape With Burn Marks Covering The Lower Part Of Her Body!

One kitten was dragging her legs and had burn marks on the lower region of her body. She needed help ASAP!

Volunteers from Catsnip Etc, a volunteer TNR based in Elkhart County, Indiana, happened to be checking out a potential barn placement when someone mentioned their neighbor had a Mother cat with kittens.

They went on to say the neighbors would be interested in TNR, so the volunteers stopped to say hi. It wasn’t long before the neighbor wanted the volunteers to meet the Moma cat and her kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/thiscatisdumpling

Volunteers met five very cute kittens. However, one kitten was dragging her back legs and had urine scalds along with feces crusted around her rear end. They could see Moma cat was doing her best, but the redness and soreness needed to be cleared up.

“They wanted to show me the kittens and they said,” oh one drags their back legs!” I scooped this little one up and she/he (unsure bc of some swelling in the area) appears to have paralyzed back legs,” said one of the volunteers, Kacy.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catsnipetc

The owners were happy for the volunteers to take all five kittens back to the rescue.

After the young family was settled in the paralyzed kitten was soon weighed and found to be only nine ounces at around 5 to 6 weeks old!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catsnipetc

She did have a good appetite though and was soon chowing down on wet food and KMR slurry.

A foster Mom was soon found for the tiny kitten as Kacy, one of the volunteers who found her, put up her hand. The kitten, now named Dumpling, was soon safe and sound in a loving home.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catsnipetc

I’m so thankful the barn where I was placing cats for @catsnipetc had mentioned the neighbor was open to talking about TNR and that I was able to take her home to foster. I don’t think she would have survived much longer outside, said Kacy, dumplings foster Mom.

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Having dragged himself through the city streets he lay on the riverbank, paralyzed and completely exhausted.

Paralyzed he was unable to walk. However, his injury didn’t stop Mom from doing her best to care for him.

The very next day Dumpling was taken to see a vet and was found to have slight reflexive movement in her rear legs.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/catsnipetc

However, more important at the time was treating the redness around her rear, which must have been very painful.

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