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Out Of The Bushes, A Tiny Orphan Pokes His Head, He Waits To See If Hunger Will Overcome Fear!

A call to rescue one street kitten turns into a mission to rescue three street kittens plus one very upset Mom!

Hope For Paws rescue received a call from a woman who had been feeding a homeless kitten living on the streets.

On his own, the little orphan seemed to have become separated from his mom.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws

Calling for backup, Jordan the rescuer, arrived on the scene to find a tiny kitten all alone hiding in some bushes.

Hoping to lure him out to within reach Jordan pours liquid from a tuna can onto a plastic bag.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws

The tiny kitten couldn’t resist the smell and begins to eat while Jordan reaches over the bushes, grabbing the little feline and taking him into safety.

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They had never seen a more bitter mistrustful cat!

Due to her rather complex personality, she made some signs, some rather honest signs.

All without making a sound.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws

As he was taking a look at the little kitten, his backup, JoAnn arrives on the scene and they look around for any siblings. Maybe even a Mom? But there were no cats or kittens anywhere to be seen.

They gave the kitten the name Hedgehog and left a feeding station behind, feeling the rest of the family must be somewhere nearby.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws

Hedgehog the kitten was taken back to Hope For Paws headquarters by JoAnne and given a bath and a proper meal, after which he was made more comfortable.

Not long after he was settled in the rescue received another call about a Mom and two kittens not too far from where Hedgehog was found.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws

After heading back out Jordan and JoAnne find two kittens hiding in the bushes only 300 feet from where Hedgehog was rescued

He must have somehow become separated from his siblings?

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws

Trying to lure the two young kittens out it became clear these two wanted to play games.

So a piece of string was employed to try and lure the pair into catching range.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope For Paws

Jordan was having fun playing with kittens but there was not alot of catching going on, so he dipped the end of the string in tuna oil and went catfishing.

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