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Born Premature They Were All Struggling. One Kitten, However, Was Far Worse Off. Mom Had Stopped Feeding Her And Time Was Running Out!

Born premature, all the kittens were tiny, but one, in particular, was too fragile. Her Mom had stopped feeding her.

Jennifer and Taylor’s small family recently increased in size when Taylor’s sister’s cat recently gave birth to a litter of kittens. The entire litter was struggling from the outset because they had been born premature, half the size they should be for newborn kittens. For one kitten, in particular, time was running out!

It was the tiniest kitten that concerned everyone. She was even smaller than her siblings, and far worse situation because Mom had stopped feeding her.

Jennifer and Taylor decided to step in and do what they could before it was too late.

They knew how small she was, however, their breath still caught in the back of their throats when they realized they could see her ribs.

Giving her the name Hank they saw how easily she fitted into Taylor’s jacket pocket.

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Born premature and abandoned by Mom, she found them covered in fire ants. Doing her best to keep them alive she called for help.

Unable to help the first time, he drove back with his heart in his mouth, hoping they were still alive.

Right from the start things were very much touch and go. Hank needed around the clock care with regular feeding.

They made her a bed with a heating pad, making sure she stayed warm as kittens of this age cannot regulate their own body temperature.

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