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He Became Terrified After Losing His Friend. So Much So, He Cried Non-stop Almost Every Single Day!

After becoming separated from a friend he cried non-stop at his new foster home!

When Nikki, founder of Fuzzy Butt Rescue, Brooklyn, New York rescued a very frightened cat from a shelter earlier this year there is no way she could have known what was about to happen.

She had wanted to give Mouse a chance at a better life, terrified of just about everything, Nikki believes he had been pulled from a hoarding situation where he had been close with another cat. After being separated from his bonded companion his stress and behavioral problems had just got worse.

Photo Courtesy of Fuzzy Butt Rescue And TNR

After Mouse was pulled from the shelter he was placed into foster care where he cried every single day.

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The poor Siamese had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide as the tiny kitten continued her relentless campaign to win her over!

She clings to her rescuer absolutely refusing to let go!

So much so it was almost non-stop, he was missing his friend, and could not stand being alone!

Photo Courtesy of Fuzzy Butt Rescue And TNR

In March, Nikki was called regarding a kitten that had been rescued from the streets. The little Tabby, called Sazón was very lonely and needed a friend, Nikki knew just the cat.

Sazón not lacking in confidence moved into her foster home like she owned the place, and when she was introduced to Mouse it was pretty much love at first sight for the older cat.

Photo Courtesy of Fuzzy Butt Rescue And TNR

For Sazón however, she was a little hesitant about her larger admirer, who insisted on following her wherever she went.

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