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When It Saw Her It Meowed In Desperation And Tried To Walk Toward Her, But It Could Barely Move!

Panting in the summer sun, dehydrated and malnourished the kitten meowed in desperation and tried to walk toward her!

When Bree pulled into her driveway it was scorchingly hot with temperatures soaring over 110 degrees Fahrenheit that day. And that was when she saw it, a very small kitten panting in the summer sun!

What it did when it saw her broke her heart, meowing in desperation it tried to walk toward her, however, being dehydrated and malnourished meant it could barely move. It had probably used the last of its energy in making it to her house.

Cloe and Crowley @cloethekitten

Somehow it had become separated from its Mom, so Bree scooped it up and brought it inside for immediate care and attention.

Then the next morning it was off to the vet for a much-needed examination.

Cloe and Crowley @cloethekitten

They soon found that Cloe, as Bree had called her, was infested with both internal and external parasites in the form of worms and fleas. Also, as Bree had suspected, she was still badly dehydrated and malnourished.

Cloe had been close to death when Bree had found her. Weighing only 7 ozs, in reality, the tiny kitten had been rescued in the nick of time.

Cloe and Crowley @cloethekitten

To ensure Cloe’s survival, much still needed to be done. Bree had never had a cat before, though this did not put her off in the least. She was determined that Cloe would live so she fed her around the clock.

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He ran to them looking for help, they soon found out he was not alone.

Blind in one eye and heavily pregnant she goes into labor too early. They do their best to save her kittens.

The first couple of days were the worst, but Cloe needed all the love and attention Bree could provide.

Cloe and Crowley @cloethekitten

With Cloe not wanting to eat all Bree could do was hold her breath and cuddle the little bundle of fur.


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