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Malnourished And Wounded, There Was No One Else, So These Kittens Kept Each Other Alive

Wounded and malnourished, abandoned by their Mom, two kittens had basically kept each other alive till help arrived.

These kittens kept each other going when no one else would. They had been seen outside alone, for least a couple of days before rescuers were contacted by concerned citizens in Phoenix, Arizona. There was no sign at all of the mother cat, so they had been either lost somehow, or they had been abandoned.

Melinda Blain, founder of Bottle Baby Fosters was made of the tiny pair’s situation, and the young kittens were taken off the streets, rescued right away.

Abandoned by their Mom they only had each others. So for two days with no food, these kittens kept each other going each other going throughout the long days and nights.

The tortoiseshell was only 85 grams, and her brother only weighed in at 120 grams at time of rescue!

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If either of them had been on their they probably would not have survived. Being together had helped see each other through their ordeal.

They had kept each other alive through the long nights and days of being alone, with no food when they only had each other. But they still had a long way to go, especially the tiny girl.

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