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Lying Motionless, Curled Into A Tiny Ball, They Had Left Him For Dead On The Side Of Road

When they first saw him they thought he was dead! There were no signs of movement, no signs of life at all.

Two Good Samaritans saw a kitten lying alone on the street, he was curled up into a tiny ball and covered with ants, when his leg gave a slight twitch, that gave them a glimmer of hope.

They picked the tiny kitten up and decided to try and get him all the help he needed in the hope it was not already too late.

They both knew time was of the essence.

“My partner and I found him curled up beside an automotive repair shop here in the Philippines. According to the mechanics, street children brought him there and were playing with him. He was covered in dirt. His right eye was shut due to pus,” Andy told the people of Love Meow.

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Driving home one night she sees a kitten screaming in pain on the side of the road!

She found her lying on the side of the road in the pouring rain.

He was rushed to an animal hospital where he was first cleaned up by a vet and given anti-biotics for his eye-infection.

Severely dehydrated he was given milk replacements every four hours or so, then they all waited for an improvement in his overall condition.

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