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Trapped Within The Tunnel’s Darkness! Lost, With No Way Out, All She Could Do Was Cry For Help!

Lost and alone in the darkness of the tunnel, she couldn’t find a way out so she meowed for help!

How she became lost in the tunnel near a farm in Eastern Washington, no one is sure. Perhaps she became separated from her Mom, or she had wandered off exploring on her own?

One thing she had in her favor though was her loud meows because nearby workers found them hard to ignore and went to her aid.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley

Following the direction of their voices, as they called out to her, she managed to find her way out as they coaxed her through an opening.

What the local workers found was the cutest little smoky gray kitten. She immediately received a bath and medical attention, then she was on her way to Seattle, Washington.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley

Soon she found herself in a foster home with a new Mom, Ashley who called her Cindy Lou.

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He goes from cycling one afternoon to going on an inter-state journey to save a life.

No one knows how he got there. However, one thing was certain, he was trapped with no way out!

Named after the perky slightly sassy little girl in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley

Thankfully Cindy Lou no longer had to spend her life alone struggling to survive on a farm.

She now had a warm loving home with Seattle-based rescuer, Ashley Morrison, AKA-youngest old cat lady.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley

She soon showed her gratitude for her new life by cuddling up in Ashley’s neck for a nap.

Ashley, the experienced foster mom she is, knew this little kitten would need someone to show her the ropes of how to cat

Photo Courtesy of Ashley

This role fell to a long-time resident, Jack, a brown tabby who had a lot of experience dealing with orphaned kittens like Cindy Lou.

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