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She Cuddled Him Right To The End And Cried Non-stop Until He Jumped In And Joined Her!

Soon she would begin her journey to her forever home.

After another trip to the vet caused by weight loss and dehydration Lilac was back by Harrow’s side after receiving fluids and an appetite stimulant.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

Offered some nice warm treats she soon had her appetite back and was eating on her own again in a few days.

A few days ago, the little kitten had her dream come true as she embarked on her new journey to her forever loving home.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

“She loved her food and as you can see often had it all over her face!”

“We are thrilled you get to go off to a wonderful family and have a sister to play with!”

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

Harrow was such a source of comfort throughout all of the things she went through. He is now one proud father in law.

Watch Lilac and Grandpa Harrow in this cute video below:


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