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She Cuddled Him Right To The End And Cried Non-stop Until He Jumped In And Joined Her!

Rescued from the streets, she soon lost her only source of comfort and companionship.

Lilac and her brother were found wandering the streets as orphans about a few months ago. In bad shape, they were brought to Alley Cat Rescue, where despite the best efforts of the rescue, Lilac’s brother past away, and the tiny grey kitten lost her only source of comfort and love.

Finding herself all on her own for the first time in her life she clung to her caregivers. It was clear she needed a companion, Alley Cat Rescue happened to have the perfect candidate.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

What Lilac really needed was a cuddle companion, Harrow, a longtime resident had been rescued from a hard life on the streets.

Very gentle, he never turned down the opportunity to give a foster kitten some much needed to TLC.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

When Lilac was introduced to the senior cat she nuzzled right into him and refused to let go.

“She was cuddling him all the way till the end. Even though we separated them, she cried until Harrow jumped in and joined her,” said a staff member from Alley Cat Rescue.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

Grandpa harrows comforting purr and warm body became the little grey kitten’s source of security.

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Found abandoned with an ulcerated eye, she was not alone.

After her brother died, for the first time in her short life she found herself alone!

She stopped calling for her brother, snuggled into Harrow, curled up and fell asleep.

Photo Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue

“She is on medication and syringe feeding, but this steady purr from Harrow and warmth must be super comforting and she has stopped the crying.”

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