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At Six Months Old He Was Just Like Any Other Street Cat

At only six months Dibs was just like any other street cat trying to survive on the streets.

That is until one day, this street cat met Nate called Troy. What prompted him to do what he did when he met Nate is anybody’s guess? For whatever the reason, Dibs decided that wherever Nate was going he was too.

And on the very day Dibs met Nate, he hopped into Nates’s car and went home with him.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Dibs forgot to ask Nate if he was allergic to cats though. However, Nate felt that after jumping into his car he couldn’t turn him away.

Once he was in his new home Nate and his wife decided to call their new houseguest Dibs.

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Cold and lifeless he was found buried in a foot of fresh snow!

When she got closer she couldn’t believe her eyes! Shivering in the snow she was not alone!

The reason for this name being he had called Dibs on them, making them his humans.

His new family helped him to adjust to indoor life and Nate did his best to try and manage his allergies.

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